MDPC-X is now coming back! During our one year break, we took the chance to change everything, everything except one thing - the uncompromising quality of our products. And now we are taking the next step together with you!

MDPC-X is back and available again!

We have already cherry-picked companies, which are guaranteed to represent what MDPC-X always represented: Absolute professionalism, reliability, ultra-fast responsiveness, honor and dedication for the customers and our products. More will come!

As soon as we open our new MDPC-X store, companies, which want to bring MDPC-X to the people in their countries, can then actively choose us too. Until then, we will continue to hand-pick companies silently in the background.

Why was MDPC-X closed for one year?

In 2007 MDPC and MDPC-X were born, living our legendary way of life: No compromise.

We made cable-sleeving become a global phenomenon and influenced computer-design to become what it is today. Within a very short time, MDPC-X Sleeves found their way into almost every to-be-sleeved system on this planet.

Dictated by our very own rule to make absolutely NO COMPROMISE, we kept the direct line from production to the shipment to our customers under our personal control. Further employees were no option for us and our philosophy. But as the demand constantly grew, we had to work 7 days a week, day and night, for 7 years in a row; with only one day off because of heart-problems. At the end of 2014, we had to close MDPC-X because we had finally reached our absolute limit.

During the one year phase, where we had closed MDPC-X, we took the chance to change everything: Our production facility, company location and business-model. We will now purely focus on what we do best: The creation of perfect products.

We will now allow hand-picked companies to take responsibility for the distribution to end-users. We only pick companies, which have already proven that they can fullfill what we have proven in all the years: Absolute reliability, highest speed and flawless service-quality.

We are very happy to be back with you! :)

Nils & Team | MDPC

Will the other MDPC Products return too?

Our in-house product has always been MDPC-X Sleeve and Heatshrink. This in combination with Pinremovers has absolute priority for us.

Of course, we can supply everything else we offered and produced to our new partners as well: screws, small parts and all the gadgets. We have it all here and could also get new productions if necessary.

Because we focus on our Sleeve and heatshrink production with absolute priority, we will only do the other products, if time permits it. So we will slowly bring back some of the other parts, but only if it does not affect our time, which we need to produce Sleeve and heatshrink at all.

What can be ordered at MDPC-X directly and when will that be?

Right now, we are in the process of preparing the first hand-picked companies, so the supply-line to the end-user is running. The first of these companies are already offering the items to end-users, shipping to every country.

Simultaneously we are already working on the groundbreaking new MDPC-X Store, which will bring usability and design to a new level.

As soon as the new MDPC-X Store goes public, we will offer MDPC Sleeve, Heatshrink and Pinremovers in bigger quantities for companies, distributors and end-users with high quantity demand. We can give no information about prices, quantities and other details until we go public. Thank you for your understanding.