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MDPC-X: No compromise!

My name is Nils from Munich, Germany. As I never abused forums, Facebook, Twitter etc. to promote myself ("buy from me, buy from me, I am the greatest!") ... you are only here, because friends of yours recommend me to you. They know what I stand for and that is all what you can really believe in :)
No talk, no lies, no compromise!

I launched MDPC-X in 2007, because a hand full of friends asked me to get the sleeve, which one of our companies produced: The sleeve, which they have seen on my website As I was already responsible for two companies (1. Regional-Manager GER / UK for a NASDAQ listed company, 2. my Design company), I couldn't just sell anything "privately". So I opened my little shop to supply my friends with MDPC-Sleeve, the result was the start of the world-wide sleeving trend. Because I started it for friends, I always made a personalized cartoon on each package ... until today. :)

No compromise in MDPC product designs is always guaranteed - why offering something that is not the absolute best? In general I offer items that are not identically available elsewhere, some might be close, but won't be equal - even that the copy-zombies had many years of time trying to copy me. I never offered "modding-toys" that you can buy at so many shops in the modding-market. Life is too short to do something uninspired. The MDPC-X motto has always been: Creating - not imitating!

That a little guy was able to come up and create such a massive trend - which became "normality" after a few years of hard work -  was funny, but not hard to understand: The world before was full of compromise products.

MDPC-X turned into my favorite project, because it simply created positive feedback in every aspect. Thank you for that! Back in 2009, I also teamed-up with my brilliant friend Charles Harwood and we built up murderbox | murderMod. It was the most exciting time with lots of fun and interesting ideas for the future of computer design.

Having told you a little bit about me, I welcome you to MDPC-X and I promise that you are going to be more than excited. :)

Nils | MDPC