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Sleeve USB - BLACK

Sleeve USB - BLACK

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Black MDPC USB-Sleeve: 5 meters of USB-Sleeve for small to medium-sized internal USB/Firewire/Audio cables - in case you don't want to apply regular MDPC Small Sleeve double-layered. For bigger internal USB/Firewire/Audio cables, use SATA-Sleeve, because it fits perfectly. You always have to take the connector off. Just insert a small screwdriver or similar underneath the little flaps, which you find on the top of your connector. Carefully lift the flaps up and pull out the wire. Remember to mark your wires, so you don't mix them up later on. Once you have all wires removed from the connector, wrap tape around all pins and then you put the USB-Sleeve over the cable.

See the absolute perfection of MDPC Sleeve and MDPC Shrinks, when used with precision, patience and practice:

No compromise in quality and specifications:
Industrial standard products are not good enough for MDPC. Slight adjustments here and there result in "the MDPC difference" that is a class of its own. Others might get close, but not on par in the combined aspects of sleeve- and heatshrink quality. MDPC Sleeve is not too big (making your cables look fat like a sausage), not too small - just perfectly right and extremely easy to work with.

Of course, this is no dust-collecting and "hairy" textile/fabric/cotton sleeve aka "shoe-lace" material, which is horrible to work with and where the result has no rigidity. The spot-on MDPC rigidity is needed to perfectly compose your wires into a wonderful "flow of curves", a visual piece of art.

You are only here, because your friends recommended MDPC and this should say it all: MDPC is more than just a product! :)

Attention: This sleeve pack does NOT include heatshrink!
MDPC-X recommends 70 centimeters of "SATA-Heatshrink" for 5 meters of USB sleeve, which you find in the heatshrink category. Without heatshrink, you can't fix the sleeve. Go - grab some!

Included in this package:

  • 5 meters black MDPC USB-Sleeve


6,45 Euro (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)